Inner Island Report

Inner Island Report

Beniamino Pellegrini (@bengthehunted) got hold of me a while back about fishing the Inner Islands of the Seychelles. I dispensed what I still know is relevant and hoped that he came tight…

So I was very stoked to receive the below email on the morning I was due to leave for (what will hopefully be mythical) Djibouti (this is a post dated post – I’m hopefully bending a rod as you read this :p ). The photos are taken by him and his fish terrorising friend, Myles (@myles_bad). They got some bloody nice fish – clearly they fished hard! Well done guys!


Well, time just skips away from us! 
Seems I’m not in Seychelles for so long after all with ‘almost 3 months’ drawing to a close.
Would like to share a few pics with you still – that my friend Myles and I took. Would press you dry for more advice and stuff but not my style and it was a blue, boneless moon that night which saw me come skulking into your inbox, tail between my legs. 
I never did find another bonefish.
To date, I’ve only ever seen a small school of those iconic creatures on La Mouche, for the briefest of moments. Alas, those moments will morph inside me till I vrek. 
You’re right – Mahe and the inner islands ain’t for sissies who enjoy light doses and multiple shots – contributing to how grateful and happy to be alive I was when hours n’ days of nothing, nothing, more nothing, nothin… – were punctured by insanely rewarding experiences. For a wannabe flats angler like myself, perms and golden’s blew my fucking head off with pure joy and catching one bone (without paying top $), is something I only dreamt of figuring out – googled/schemed over, for years. 
Hope some of these may be useful for feathers. Happy to share even if they’re not posted, of course, as you guys take and have access to some incredible photography.
Wish you the best for Djibouti man! Sounds mythical – wander sweetly – 

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