Internet Bull$hit

Internet Bull$hit

I picked up the paper this morning and was surprised to see the pic of Brutus the croc with that Bull Shark in its mouth.  Its a story that circulated not too long ago…but the story has evolved a bit.  The first story said that the shark had been caught by a fisherman, and while being landed Brutus taxed the tax man.  A few reposts later and he nailed this Bull Shark mid swim!  Which he managed missing a front leg at the ripe old age of 80.  This Bull Shark is not the only Bull Sh$t you’ll find.


Then there was a Yellowfin Tuna free swimming around the docks at Islamorada.  Free swimming!  And who would have thought, there are some guys standing ready with a flying gaff.  What actually happened here?  I think that sport fisher in the background caught the fish on the way in, popped it in the live well and re released it half dead.  Cruel in my opinion.

Another was a sword that chased a Redfish to the beach.  Now Swordfish do some strange shit.   In the 30s they used to catch them using Spinach and Lettuce.  Yip, you read that right.  But their stomachs are usually full of seaweed, so maybe not that weird.  A sword chasing a Redfish in shallow surf is one thing, but we all know fish only feed when they’re happy and healthy…so good luck catching a fit Sword bare handed.


aaaaand then this happened: “We were a few markers down when a buddy called us to come look at the “Marlin” swimming in the second gut. It washed up into the 1st gut and some guys pulled it a bit deeper and tried to revive it. It expired and they pulled it up back up towards shore. I looked it over pretty good. No shark bites, nothing visible in its throat, and overall looked to be in good shape. I snapped a few pics and had to leave as the crowd kept trying to call the Sword a “marlin” and wasn’t taking no for an answer. “

My personal favourite however, was this man jumping from a helicopter and hand wrestling a “free swimming” striped marlin!  Or…. was that  recently released exhausted variety?  I think the latter.

Don't believe everything you read on the internet just because there's a picture with a quote next to it



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