Introducing Vice Squad!

Introducing Vice Squad!

Introducing Vice Squad (by Tudor Caradoc-Davies):

What: fly-tying and fly fishing chit-chat
Where: CPS Club Room, 4th Floor, The Mercantile Building, 63 Hout Street, Cape Town
When: Wednesday evening, 18th Feb, from 6pm till late
Who should attend: This is not just about fly tying, but also a chance to talk fly fishing with a bunch of like-minded people and up your game. it is open to CPS members and non-members alike. Hopefully the non-members feel inspired to join…

How it works: While we have asked several guys to come and demo a few patterns, this is most definitely an informal evening. If you would like to tie, bring your fly tying kit with you. If you are not (yet) into fly tying or if specific patterns being demoed don’t interest you, grab a drink at the bar, watch one of the great fly fishing DVDs we will have on the projector, check out the CPS library of fly fishing books, bring your fly boxes, pick someone’s brains, plan trips with mates… basically kick back and enjoy yourself.

What to bring:
– good vibes and an inquisitive mind
– fly tying kit
– fly boxes
– BYOB or bring cash for the CPS bar
– pizza will be ordered during the evening so bring cash for that (R100 usually covers it).

THE VOLUNTEERS (and the materials they will be using):

No.1 – MC Coetzer (fresh from a trip to St Brandon’s) with his Gotcha Spawning Shrimp:
Crab eyes
fluo orange marabou
pearl braid
rubber legs (clear/light pink or orange)
dumbbell eyes
pearl braid
tan craft fur
pearl crystal flash

Fred Davis (ex Seychelles yokel and Feathers and Fluoro founder) with his Grungy Crab (inspired by Kurt Cobain):
EP fibre or similar in any natural colour
Eyes – I’ll premake mine but explain the process
Sili legs
Tungsten beads
20 – 30lb mono
Lead wire
saddle hackles

Maddy Rich and Richard Wale (Protea fly fishermen). They will be tying a deadly dry and dropper combo to be fished in tandem:

Matt’s Two-Tone CDC Klink:
Hook: Grip 14732bl sz 12 – 18
Post: Mango foam Post
Wire: Xsmall copper wire
H/Spot: Flourescent red/chart thread + Dear Creak UV resin
Thread: Brown Nanosilk
Abdomen: Pheasant tail fibres
Thorax: Peacock glister dubbing

Richie’s Dropper Nymph:
Hook: size 18 nymph hook (or size 18 dry fly hook)
Bead: 1, 5mm brass bead (gold, gunmetal or black)
Body: black thread
Hot spot: orange thread
Tail: coc de leon or hackle feather strands
Finish: uv resin / sally hansen

Note 1: this is a rough lineup, subject to last-minute changes.
Note 2: There is indoor parking below the CPS offices, otherwise there should be plenty on Loop Street.

If you are stuck outside, phone the clubroom on: 021 424 7725

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