40 kgs to fit everything needed for a 5 week tropical holiday…

Indonesia and Fiji. 8 islands. Lots of fishing. Lots of surfing. Lots of time in the sun…

Packing becomes a head scratch, a logistical artwork and endless compromise!

Getting ready for our Indo come Fiji trip has been super exciting. Figuring out potential fisheries, getting amped for good waves, seeing friends and family at a destination wedding and knowing that we’ll bend a flyrod has kept me super stoked. I’ve had to balance fly tying, end-of-year responsibilities (marking exam papers next to the vice was a good way to ensure both received their necessary time) and a family visit to Doha.

We’ll be travelling from Doha to Bali, Nusa Lebongan, Gilli M & T, Fiji, Taveuni, the OceanSouldiers Camp on  Yacata and then Mololo to finish up. It’s gonna be epic!!!

With tickets booked and accomadation organised, the real challenge arrived when I unrolled my duffel bag and surfboard bag and realised that everything I thought we needed was meant to fit in here. Baggage restrictions on the Qatar airways flight was 40kg while Virgin Australia is a bag at 23kg (I’ve had to purchase an extra bag). So essentially it is two bags for 40kg with neither bag over 23kg.

Easier to deal with than it sounds. Items such as wading boots are big and surprisingly heavy! Steel rods tubes add up quickly. Masks, snorkels, fins, a hammock, the flamingo shade, insect repellent, sun screen, all push the scale. And this is before the essentials are even considered… 2 surfboards, rods and reels, lines, flies, an on the run tying stash and camera gear…

Oh yes, I need clothes too. Luckily the wedding is tropical, so just a smart shirt and shorts (I’ll be going barefoot). I’ll be wearing the same things quite a bit – no worries for me but the missus’ doesn’t appreciate sticky shirts!

Anyway, the first pack hit 40kg way too early…

Cut swim fins and the big flyboxes. Rods can share tubes. Some extra surfboard fins can stay behind. Less material in the tying stash. Get rid of a few of the extra extra lines.

Eventually the zippers were closed and a sigh of relief is breathed…

The fishing list:

#8, #10 and #12 flyrods (plus spare #9)

Matching reels plus 2 spools

6x Spare lines

130lb, 100lb, 50lb, 30lb, 22lb and 16lb leader/tippet

A wide selection of flies – from crustaceans to baitfish imitations, from #2s to #8/0s…


Wading boots (and neoprene gators)

Waterproof lumbar pack.

4x fishing shirts

A couple of buffs

Three pairs polarised sunnies


AxisGo Housing and Dome

Nikon DSLR with wide angle

5’10 and 6’6″ surfboards.

Spare fins and leashes

On the run tying kit. OS has a vice, I know I’ll want to tie crustaceans and maybe a few baitfish…

1x beach tent – the pink flamigoes

1x light weight hammock

Mask and snorkel

Neoprene Booties

2x light spinning sticks with reels and lures

A few pairs of boardshirts

A few shirts

A pair of slops

One hoody for flights

No underwear




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