Jam Fly SBS

Jam Fly SBS

Disclaimer- this is my version of the JAM.  It evolves each time I tied it, and is similar to the Jannies version 1348.  Hes now moved on to craft fur with the disappearance of Polar Fibre.  The process remains very similar, with mainly the claws and carapace evolving for more movement or different colour.  Buoyancy is everything with this fly, and along with presentation, are the two critical elements.

claws first. Ill make up a bunch at a time.
Lead wraps added as well as foam head (critical)
head fur is covered in silicon after floating fly line sections are tied on either side of lead.

carapace sandwiches (felt and polar fibre impregnated sheet or ribbon sheet

dried, trimmed, wrapped with mono


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  1. Thanks for sharing Pete… your method seems deceptively simply, but know there are MANY practised hours and fingers involved in getting these right… beautiful fly..


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