Since Jimmy Eagleton’s caught his first yellowtail on silicone prototypes that he tied several years ago, he’s continued to fine tune the pattern (and colour combinations) and has more recently come up with a very effective molded silicone fly that he’s raving about – and when Jimmy’s raving about a fly then I know it means that he’s catching a lot of good fish on it. I ordered some of the older versions he tied, because I’ve seen their efficacy while fishing for yellowtail and dusky kob with Jimmy, and I still feel that they are the best silicones I’ve ever seen (and there’s no chance that I can tie them as neatly myself, so I’ve decided to simply buy his).

One of Jimmy’s more recent silicone patterns, absolutely deadly for yellowtail feeding near the surface.


Jimmy Eagleton with a Cape yellowtail caught on one of his silicone patterns.

Jimmy’s already had the opportunity to try his latest silicone pattern on garrick and his excitement explaining how the fish simply engulfed the fly on blind retrieves was the selling point for me. Check out what Jimmy’s up to on Retro Fly Studio – his flies are also for sale at StreamX.

Jimmy’s latest silicone creation, I’d suggest you get to StreamX before they sell out!


Rows of molded silicones rolling out in the Retro Fly Studio – Photo by Jimmy Eagleton


Photo by Jimmy Eagleton


We’ve had exceptional days sight fishing to Cape yellowtail hunting just behind the wave zone with Jimmy’s silicones – Photo by Jimmy Eagleton.

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