Jurassic Aquatic

Jurassic Aquatic

*APOLOGIES – This video has been temporarily removed but Nick will let us know when it’s up again.

Our very good friend Nick Filmalter has been living it the last few years. He gets to dive (and fish) in crazy locations all over the world. A spot that keeps coming up in his tales, and stands out for us, is Ascension Island. You might remember this post – if not, you need to watch this too!

As you can see the fishing out there is class and Nick reckons there’s every chance of hooking a bus Yellowfin off the beach (although I’m not sure of the chances of landing it!). This video was filmed just off shore of Ascension.

And it puts on film what he’s been telling us about for quite a while.

It will blow your mind!

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/104284004]

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