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While the did not produce the hoped for results with a fly rod. There were some stunning fish caught. And the research has been done for a future.

Africanus is an outside possibility but the river, I’m sure, will produce – especially for skipjack (ladyfish), river snapper, river bream and even shad (blue fish) – during the rainless winter months when the upper reaches of the tidal zone won’t be full of muddy water.

There are also some great offshore reefs that, with the right conditions and some inventive fly tying, will produce good rock cod.

The river itself is still relatively pristine and boasts extensive mangrove swamps, mud prawn banks, and swimming prawns.

The Atomic Poodle got its first outing and although no fish were landed on it, had its glow stick removed by a fish and I managed to drop another. More on this night-time fly later.

transkei_fly_fishing_wildcoast_fly_fishing (1)
The river mouth to spider point.
Nkula kula country.
transkei_fly_fishing_wildcoast_fly_fishing (10)
The Oyster beds at the mouth make for a perfect flatform form which cast flies or lures and creates deep blue holes that give predators great ambush positions. Its also along here that Africanus may just be found.
transkei_fly_fishing_wildcoast_fly_fishing (9)
Sand flats 🙂
transkei_fly_fishing_wildcoast_fly_fishing (5)
Cattle on the beach. A typical Wild Coast sight.
transkei_fly_fishing_wildcoast_fly_fishing (4)
In search of Nkula kula (River Snapper) and Kingfish.
transkei_fly_fishing_wildcoast_fly_fishing (2)
What I was waking up to… 🙂

The fish below unfortunately where not caught on fly but they do show the potential the area holds. We haven’t been back in 10 years so most of the week was spent rediscovering this gem of river. The return trips will be far sooner!

transkei_fly_fishing_wildcoast_fly_fishing (8)
Catface Rockcod

transkei_fly_fishing_wildcoast_fly_fishing (3)
Shad (Elf or Blue Fish)

transkei_fly_fishing_wildcoast_fly_fishing (7)
Catface Rockcod

transkei_fly_fishing_wildcoast_fly_fishing (6)
Yellow Belly Rockcod


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