Kit review Oman

Kit review Oman

Someone asked me an interesting question the other day on the Oman trip.  If there is one piece of kit that stood out.  What would it be?  Well i didn’t get a chance to fish my Hardy Fortuna or Proaxis, so Im yet to develop an opinion on those.  The answer is pretty simple though.  These.


I didn’t even use my normal wading boots.  The I-nov Roclite GTX claims to be the lightest hiking boot on earth, and you’d believe it if you felt it  When these are wet, they weigh less than my Patagonias do dry.  Now that may not seem like a big thing.  But hike 15km a day wet, with wading in between for 2 weeks, and see what a difference it makes.  They also dry crazy fast.  I would hang them up at 7pm, by morning, they were bone dry, without fail.  Thats huge.  I hate putting on wet boots.

There is some critique, sand gets behind the inner lining, which I’m going to remove completely.  Other than that they’re faultless.  They weren’t babied either, I fished on mussel beds so sharp they went through my sandals, as well as some other ridiculously rough terrain.  They’ve invented the ultimate fishing boot without even knowing it.

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  1. Now this is something I like to see! Cheap wading boots that are better than the real deal. Thanks for this, I have been looking for wading boots to use on our coast for a while and paying R2k for a pair just seems a bit ridiculous.


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