make up sex

make up sex

In every other sport Ive played there have been days or weekends when Ive walked away and thought, “why do I even do this, that wasnt fun”.  Well, there are probably very few sports where you will work as hard for as little as saltwater fly fishing, but for some reason I’ve never asked that question.  Even after the most physical week in Kosi with not so much as a second of action I still walked away smiling.  You do get a bit negative though.  Its like any relationship.  You have your ups and you have your downs.  So every now and then I take myself up the West Coast for some fly fishing make up sex.

Its highly visual, technical (if you do it right), and you get to experience the best of the sport time and time again.  And by “best of the sport” I mean the pick-up and first run.  Yesterday was an absolute peach.

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