Mission South America: Final Countdown and Ziplock Bags

Mission South America: Final Countdown and Ziplock Bags

How do I always manage to leave things until the last minute???

I fly tomorrow and only get my tyhoid shot in morning! Forex was bought today! Malaria tabs arrive this afternoon! And, more importantly, I’m still waaay too short on trout flies. I’ve tied a few but am lacking variety. Hopefully the shops there will have what I need.

Anyway, packing for a mammoth trip such as ours has its own stresses. 80l for almost 5 months is not too much at all. The tent, sleeping bag, foul-weather gear, 3 flyrods (in two tubes), matching reels and, of course, normal things like t-shirts and toiletries take up space, quickly!

One of my favourite space-saving goodies are Ziplock bags. Wonderful inventions these clear plastic bags. High five Mr Ziplock whoever you are. Ziplock bags are awesome to use as gear separators. Socks and jocks in one, thermals in another, black brushes in this one and popper heads in that one – you get the idea. Throw in the fact that they are super splash proof and why wouldn’t you want to use them?

Even for everyday trips up the streams or on the flats. Spare shirts and pants. Food. Or even a point and shoot camera! But I digress…

The final hours are here and I can’t contain my excitement! The visa for Bolivia is done, dollars are loaded on the cashcards and stashed in nooks and crannies of the backpack. It’s just a final trip to the airport (and typhoid shot en route!) and we’re on a big plane.

Colombia in 72 hours 🙂

Will keep you posted!

Lots of stuff and no space to put it all!!!

Getting toothy proof: Premade wire traces (huge thanks to Mark Krige for these – I didn’t have time!)

Bolivian Visa – the only one needed by South Africans for the Spanish Speaking Nations.

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