Mud Pig Love

Mud Pig Love

Grungy, atypical fly fishing. The Hartleyvale section of the Leisbeek does not turn most fly fishermen on. At all. And understand totally why!

However, despite the perceived danger of fishing this area – there really isn’t much; unless you count hitting a turd or two that city workers haven’t cleaned yet – the carp fishing is really good.

Challenging would be a better way of describing it. But who wouldn’t describe 10kg carp in crystal clear, shallow water anything but really good. They are fussy though and have been known to inspect a fly with an expert’s eye in fly identification.

Justin Flecther and myself took a quick turn on Sunday lunch time. Although we got denied by several really large fish,  I managed to pin a good sized fish that was feeding hard in the shallows. Nothing like watching a fish see the Girdle Bug, turn and enhale it. The fight – on a #3 – was rather intense! And a massive shout out must go to Juzzy for the nimble avoidance of the bank side fertilisation in his effort to neatly net the pig.

2015_liesbeek_fletcher_carp 001 2015_liesbeek_fletcher_carp 002 2015_liesbeek_fletcher_carp dance 2015_liesbeek_fletcher

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