SOUT RIBBETJIES WITH SALSA VERDE (aka groen sous you larnie)

Like après-ski, après-fish is serious business. Chef Kyle Knight of The Shop in Seapoint, Cape Town, weighs in on his go-to munchies after a day on the streams.

“When it comes to fly fishing, I cut my teeth on the Vaal River chasing yellowfish. It’s still one of my favourite places to fish and even better when in the company of my father and brother – we have had some crazy sessions on that river! These days I find myself on the Cape streams – whenever I get a free morning from the restaurant that is. It’s truly a magical place and I feel very privileged to be able to fish there. If you’re like me and enjoy a good solid day’s fishing, then what you will be having for dinner is the last thing on your mind. Possibly the only thought, other than the next run or lie, are those ice cold beers you will be smashing afterwards. But after beer, your mind turns to grub. My go-to meal after a day on the water is crispy lamb ribs (sout ribbetjies) with loads of fat and salt, cooked over a lekker bed of coals while I down those frosties.”

For the recipe, method and the rest of the story, read on below in issue 13.



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