*Off topic warning – The maker generation.

*Off topic warning – The maker generation.

So I harp on a lot about the East and its awesome craftsmen.  The off topic video of the day is about Neon sign making in Hong Kong.  Awesome.

Conrad and I had a chat recently about the maker generation, and the maker movement.  The move away from automation is a natural progression, and I like to think of Carl Bass as maker king.  He is also the CEO of Autodesk, the guys that make Autocad, etc.  He prefers buying machinery to yachts and sports cars.  I imagine he shaves with a sharpened axe.  And hunts rabbit for dinner.  Serious man points.

To quote Raymond Calitri from Gone in 60 Seconds, “Steel. Its cold. Ugly. Wood is warm. Clean. Provided by Nature.  To see a piece of furniture take shape. Its like watching a child grow”.

628x471 Carl Bass

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