Old Angola – One from the depths of Youtube

3 thoughts on “Old Angola – One from the depths of Youtube”

  1. That tarpon jumping over the boat, almost hitting the fisherman is a classic! Thanks, haven’t watched this in a long time. The comment section is classic as well, so many ‘Always wanted to do this. where do you stay? How did you get a boat? Etc. everyone loves fresh baked buttered bread, but no one wants to grind the wheat or churn the butter.

  2. If you look quickly, the chappie gooing the castnet is an ex-Port Elizabeth local, Ross Spoor, now skippering the ferry that takes folks to see the Statue of Liberty in NYC. Funny world.

  3. Good afternoon,

    A fly fishing trip has been planned for June to the Kwanza River in Angola. The plan is to target tarpon, threadfin, cuberra snapper in the river.

    If it is acceptable, could you possibly recommend any flies for the Kwanza River.

    Kind regards


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