One hell of a drug.

One hell of a drug.

Jack Samson wrote that the most successful week for a single Permit angler in the Yucatan was a British gent on his first ever Saltwater fishing trip.  The shocked guide apparently asked him what his trick was, the response was something along the lines of “I just fish for them like I do for Carp back home”.

Well that was it for me.  Carp here I come.  I came down to earth almost instantly.  These are pests right? Who wants to catch Carp?  Well me, and Ewan.  He also got the hard middle finger, and we spent our days on the river bank like two Yorkshire Terriers.  Shivering.  Albeit in frustrated excitement and not inbred small hound anxiety.

The eat is hard to judge and painfully slow.  It is the ultimate lesson in static.  When you get it right there is almost nothing like it, and they intelligently come straight to the surface in an attempt to throw the hook.  Its interestingly effective for such a soft mouthed fish, but Ive learnt to counteract that by keeping the rod low for the first few moments.

God damnit its amazing.

ishot-076 ishot-077  ishot-075



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  1. Nice one Pete. Please take this salty dog a-carpin’ next year. Still a virgin in the carp on fly dept.


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