“Within the first two weeks of this trip I had my fill of rainbows. Rainbows grabbed streamers and took to the air, they yanked dry flies under by the dropper nymph and devoured ugly dry flies in splashy rises. Like a paperback novel or a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship, they provided constant sparks of excitement, but rarely the deep satisfaction I was looking for. They did everything right, but every few hours, between the chaotic rainbow action, when I least expected it, a brown trout would find a way to sucker punch me in the adrenal gland. The brown trout of Patagonia are what will see me back on these waters someday. Each one is so stunningly unique but most have two things in common. They are large and they are unpredictable.”

Eastern Cape local Devin Isemonger risked it all by turning his honeymoon to Patagonia into a fly fishing trip. Fortunately, his better half, Mandy, is a saint.




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