Paying The Taxman Round 1

Paying The Taxman Round 1

This is a reblog of an old post from Throwing Loops. I thought about after watching a few videos that have been doing the rounds about fish being lost to bigger fish. There’s a follow up coming, so watch this space…

“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”

Bluefin Trevally after a Lemon tasted him.

I doubt Ben Franklin would have ever thought his depressingly true quote could ever be applied to fishing. But like that yearly income statement there are few things that hurt like a good fish getting eaten while on the line.

While this may be a foreign concept to the majority of freshwater fly fisherman (there are, however, some seriously toothy fish in the wilder fresh waterways of the world) it is a very real and sometime fairly common occurrence for the saltwater fly fisherman. With so many different types of hungry and angry fish out there that are armed with a fearsome array of teeth, it is simply a matter of time before a regular brine thrasher has a fish taken by the ‘taxman’.

Rex Fey and the left overs from the lunch of a 6ft Barracuda!
Rex Fey and the left overs from the lunch of a 6ft Barracuda!

I absolutely abhor the sinking sensation that comes with the sudden and strange heavy thump on the rod possibly followed by some head-shaking and an inevitable dead-weight that needs to be cranked up.

Whether its barracuda, a shark dogtooth tuna or some other serious predator making light of your catch, it annoys one. Especially if the fish being eaten is a trophy fish. I get very upset if I can’t release certain species. It leaves a sour taste and I know I am guilty of causing that fish to enter the foodchain a little earlier than nature may have intended.

Will I stop because of it? Never.

But like paying SARS, you just have to harden up and realise that the taxman will have his due.
Lemon Taxman cruising the shallows in search of his next pay date!
Rob Stokes and Graeme Kearley look on as Rob Jeremy Stewart shows off a bit of his trophy GT!





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