Paying the Taxman Round 2

Paying the Taxman Round 2

These are a few videos that have been doing rounds. These are videos of fish getting eaten by fish. I appreciate that it is not everybody’s cup of tea and to you, I apologise. But it is something that is a real risk when fishing in areas that harbour large, toothy fish!

Its also a reminder that getting your fish to the boat and released as quickly as possible in order to give it the best possible chance of surviving.

Bull Shark up a river. Makes me think of the Breede!

The standard, at the boat take away.

A killer whale decides to sample a fisherman’s wares…

I would S%*T myself!!!

This is an interesting one. Although the fish is not on line, it’s half eaten and getting taken advantage of until the Undertakers arrive and finish it off!

I really don’t like the fact that the fisherman leaves the Barracuda on the surface to get eaten. However the sheer size of the grouper makes you sit up and say wow!

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