Paying the Taxman

Paying the Taxman

“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”

I doubt Ben Franklin would have ever thought his depressingly true quote could ever be applied to fishing. But like that yearly income statement there are few things that hurt like a good fish getting eaten while on the line.

Bluefin Trevally after a Lemon tasted him.

I absolutely abhor the sinking sensation that comes with the sudden and strange heavy thump on the rod possibly followed by some head-shaking and an inevitable dead-weight that needs to be cranked up.

While this may be a foreign concept to the majority of freshwater fly fisherman (there are, however, some seriously toothy fish in the wilder fresh waterways of the world) it is a very real and sometime fairly common occurrence for the saltwater fly fisherman. With so many different types of hungry and angry fish out there that are armed with a fearsome array of teeth, it is simply a matter of time before a regular brine thrasher has a fish taken by the ‘taxman’.

Rex Fey displaying the half the 6ft Great Barracuda didn’t get.

Whether its barracuda, a shark dogtooth tuna or some other serious predator making light of your catch, it annoys one. Especially if the fish being eaten is a trophy fish. I get very upset if I can’t release certain species. It leaves a sour taste and I know I am guilty of causing that fish to enter the foodchain a little earlier than nature may have intended.

Will I stop because of it? Never.

But like paying SARS, you just have to harden up and realise that the taxman will have his due.

Lemon Taxman on the flats.

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