Petersons Spawning Shrimp variant SBS

Petersons Spawning Shrimp variant SBS

The fly boxes are slowly filling up for Sudan, so figured I’d do a few SBS’s.  I dont often tie shrimp flies, but the regular Petersons shrimp is a bit sparse for me for a static presentation.  I initially tied these with fluoro oranges (that glow under UV), but after much abuse from Ed Truter I have decided to do non fluoro variants.  Ed does have a set of gills so I’m inclined to listen to his fluoro fright theory with Triggers.

tail first
2 x 20lb fluoro
legs next, on the regular i add 2 pieces of flashbou
some eyes
tie in a piece of light mono or mono thread, this will be used to wrap the rabbit strip
also tie off a loop to dub
tease with velcro
wrap while leaving a tiny gap to glue on the rabbit
trim to a V to make it neat
add a drop of glue and stick down
wrap mono around the body and down on the rabbit

add beads and wrap mono down
a trick to get equal spacing
wrap around and thread through hook. tie off and down to stop unwrapping.
Fluoro and Brush style



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