• feather mechanic

    The Feather Mechanic

    R400.00 incl VAT
    THE FEATHER MECHANIC BY GORDON VAN DER SPUY AND TIM WEGE We don’t normally stock books, but for Gordon van der Spuy we made an exception because his new book, The Feather Mechanic is a one-of-a-kind contribution to the world of fly fishing and fly tying. An expert fly tyer and instructor, in The Feather Mechanic Gordon not only tells the story of his own development in fly tying with signature flair, but he also takes the reader into the function of some of the most deadly patterns in history, so you understand why they work. That way you can forget tying by pattern, go off-piste and create your own killer flies. Accompanied by Gordon’s brilliant sketches and brilliant macro images from freshwater ecologist Christian Fry, if you are in to fly tying our merely want to be a better angler, The Feather Mechanic is an essential addition to your collection.
  • hunting trout by tom sutcliffe

    Hunting Trout

    R370.00 incl VAT
    Hunting Trout by Tom Sutcliffe Back by popular demand, if you do not yet have a copy of Hunting Trout – Angles and anecdotes on trout fishing, this - the third edition of Tom Sutcliffe’s classic, published by Burnett Media with forewords by Nick Lyons and Stephen Boshoff, new illustrations, a new cover shot by Gerhard Loubscher and a new preface from Tom - is one for the collection. Hunting Trout is informative, entertaining story-telling at its best and you will come away from this book wiser, better informed and motivated to make your own stories. There’s a reason Tom is compared to the great fly fishing writers and personalities of the UK, US and elsewhere, but we should hold him in higher regard because he is ours and the places he writes about are mostly our own too.
  • When ‘The Rapture of the River’ was originally published in 1957, the first and only edition sold out within days and soon became South Africa’s most in-demand fly fishing book ever – attaining classic status within a couple of years. Today the book is so sought after that rare, surviving copies of Sydney Hey’s great masterpiece change hands between R1000 – R2000. Now at last, and at a fraction of the cost, you can revel in this remarkable autobiography of a fly fisherman and his fascinating recollections of halcyon days gone by. And you can fish virgin trout waters with him in the kind of unspoilt surroundings we can only dream about today.
  • tom sutcliffe tom sutcliffe

    Yet More Sweet Days

    R370.00 incl VAT
    Yet More Sweet Days by Tom Sutcliffe The sequel to Tom Sutcliffe's Hunting Trout and Shadows on the Stream Bed, Yet More Sweet Days boasts 471 pages of Tom's fly fishing stories plus 50 pen and ink sketches. Through almost a lifetime's experiences of fly fishing, Tom shares the joy of the sport that has dominated his life (in a good way), while also imparting a ton of hard-earned knowledge in his unique story-telling style. Subjects range from stillwater fly fishing, fishing in Iceland, fishing the chalkstreams of Hampshire, the rivers and streams he loves best in South Africa, observations on fishing alone, notes on trout flies, back-country bridges, and the diary of three visits to the Eastern Cape Highlands around Rhodes and Barkly East.

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