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Tigers on foot | Orange Tyser | Bob Popovics | Trout in Kenya | Footloose in Fiji | Jungle Spit Beats | Beers & more

The Mission Issue 18 Nov/Dec 2019 is sold out. You can still read it for free online.

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What’s got saltwater legend Bob Popovics on surf candies, hollow fleyes, PTSD and blue fish? What’s also got Jazz Kuschke and Ewan Andre Naude chasing tigers on foot at Sioma Barotse with Wildman Fishing Co, Jeff Tyser gorging on yellows in the Orange with Kalahari Outventures (and unable to resist comparisons with his beloved Vaal), trout and elephants in Kenya with Kieran Avery, Fred Davis and Danielle Nortje footloose in Fiji, a Lifer with salty dog Henkie Altena, a High 5s with freshwater freshie Thembane William Tatse of Kalahari Outventures, a toothy wish list fish with Jono Shales of Exmouth Fly Fishing, Jungle Spit beats from photographer/film director Travys Owen, wine from Alphabetical, beers from Afro Caribbean Brewing Co. and a helluva lot more?

You got it friendos.


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