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Deutschland und Österreich | Live at Red Rocks | Chiselmouth | Jimmy Eagleton | Dan Factor | Whisky in the Karoo & More

Missed this print edition? The Mission Issue 23 Sep/Oct 2020 could be yours.

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  • Summer in Germany and Austria with Marina Gibson Fishing and Fly Fishing Nation!
  • James Kirsten, Live at Red Rocks on the Orange River!
  • Jimmy Eagleton, the West Coast King!
  • Gerald Penkler tours Oz and takes on an unusual slam.
  • A High 5s with one of SA’s top comp guys, Daniel Factor
  • Leonard Flemming gets chiselled by the classification nerds
  • Graham Weakley escapes for some lockdown largemouth bass
  • Meet the Purple Labeo, your new Wish List Fish.
  • Keep Fish Wet on how to hold a fish (plus how not to)
  • Peter John Vadas of Vadas Smokehouse & Bakery with a fish braai Munchies
  • Alan Hobson with a species slam and a Karoo whiskey fest in a church
  • Alex McLeod of Omnispool learns what it feels like to be stalked in the shallows

You got it oh youngest ever winner of the Spelling Bee.

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