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Float Tube Kob | Mike Fay | Long Reef | Jess McGlothlin | Packing for Poivre | Hell Boy, Scalies, Beats, Beers & More

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Blink twice, read that again and let it sink in, because we are indeed back with yet another cracking mag. If we don’t say so ourselves…cough… The Mission Issue 27 is a humdinger, packed with the following stories:

  • ‘Quick Silver’, is our cover feature on Conrad Botes’s missions for silver kob on the inshore reefs of False Bay. Is float tube kob madness or genius? You decide.
  • Our profile is on globe-trotting photographer and writer Jess McGlothlin. From working in fly shops, to managing guide teams on the Ponoi, bumping tiger sharks and avoiding North Korean missiles, Jess has travelled and seen more than most.
  • We take a stroll around Australia’s ‘Long Reef’ with veteran guide Richard Schumann. If the cost and inaccessibility don’t get you, the saltwater crocs, sharks and jellyfish will. Still, we can dream of its incredible fishing for Permit, GTs, Blue Bastards and other species, right?
  • Our lifer is Mike Fay, who very few people compare with as modern day ecologists, conservationists and explorers go. From his fabled Megatransect (a massive deep forest journey on foot across the Congo Basin over 16 months), to his pioneering work with national parks in Gabon, Central African Republic and elsewhere, the life-long fly angler’s influence will be felt long after he is gone.
  • Our issue 27 High 5s guide, Luke van den Heever weighs in on flies that work, people he’d like to fish with, the beauty of affordable tackle, the bipolar nature of grunts and more.
  • Then we’ve got Tugela scalies with Andrew and Ruari Harrison in ‘The Island’, ‘Hell Boy’ by Gerhard Uys on what happens when it all goes Pete Tong on the Tongariro river in New Zealand, a Wish List Fish out of Southern California with Nicholas Blixt, ‘Packing for Poivre’ with Christiaan Pretorius, tons of news, gear and tackle, plus DIY beers, pirate-inspired beats, whisky and more.You’re welcome.Cover: the inimitable Sacha Specker

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