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The secret lives of giant trevally | Feathers Award | Yellow Mamba | Going Dutch | Greer Le0-Smith | Small stream rods | Beers, beats and more

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We kick off the year with some fascinating science, namely The Secret Lives of GTs, where we speak to three leading fisheries biologists, Dr Ryan Daly, Dr Tessa Hempson and Dr JD Filmalter about their work on the world’s biggest Giant Trevally aggregation off Mozambique, how GTs get it on, why South Africa’s coastal GT fishing has deteriorated so much, and just what the hell GTs do at the fabled Wild Coast estuary of Mtentu.
We dive straight into the Feathers Awards. And we struggled to pick a champ from the top catches of 2021. We have a surprising species smorgasbord in Holland with Gerald Penkler. He takes us through the A (Asp) to Z (Zander) of Dutch fly fishing targets. Yellow Mamba. Leonard Flemming’s account of fly fishing for hard-fighting scalies with Jeff Tyser and Beniamino Pellegrini. We’ve got a High Fives with Luke Pannell of X-Factor Angling who, from Honduras to Sudan, gets around a lot.
There’s a Lifer with former Wimbledon and US Open champ, Greer Leo-Smith who is more likely to be found competing in fly fishing events or catching yellowish in Gabon these days. There’s a fantastic Undercurrents from LeRoy Botha on how fly fishing helps him breath in the space between life and death. Ed Herbst weighs in on how a one-piece CTS rod he commissioned Derek Smith Custom Fly Rods to build (available for charity auction), appears to hit all the Goldilocks notes for a small stream rod.
What else? Troubled Waters are brewing on the West Coast. A Tyre Death Match! Motoring gurus Nic Schwerdtfeger and Warwick Leslie battle it out over the ultimate All-Terrain tyre for your adventures. A vendetta and a challenge involving mudskippers. A pop quiz to test your remaining brain cells. Tons of gear to drool over, booze, beers, beats and more.
Read The Mission Fly Mag Issue 31 online for free or, if you live in South Africa, you will soon be able to grab a free copy at your nearest stockist while stocks last.
Cover shot of a Giant Trevally in the “GT Jacuzzi” by JD Filmalter

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