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Gear of the Year 2022 | The Italian Affair | Wild fish from Borneo | Mike Dames | Lionel Song | Insta-famous flies | Beers, beats and more

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From Tim Rajeff, Marina Gibson Fishing and Tony Kietzman on casting, to Tom Sutcliffe on rigging up (and snakes), Ryan Janssens on taking better fish photos (and the lens he is currently obsessed with), Cameron Musgrave on living in the moment, Rolf Nylinder on relationships with mosquitoes and a ton of other stuff – our Gear of the Year Tips & Tackle features served up a smorgasbord of essential recommendations and advice. DIG IN!

What else? We’ve got ‘The Italian Affair’ with Si Kay, ‘The Italian Job’ with the Protea Masters and Junior fly fishing teams and Wild Fish from Borneo as Mervyn Tan runs us through what it takes to catch the crazy-looking Red Kaloi. Then there’s a High Fives with Mike Dames of Mavungana Flyfishing and African Waters, a Lifer with veteran Africa guide Lionel Song of Majestic Rivers, an Insta-Famous Flies feature with six top small-scale fly tiers and our selection of the five new fly fishing books you should read this festive season. There’s also a What’s In My Bag with Anthea Piater for the Vaal River, the next challenge in our fly tying competition with Grip Hooks, a different kind of wine club with Handrinkssolo, beers, beats and more.

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Cover: Si Kay lies spent on the grass after Italy had her way with him. 📸 by Stephan Gian Dombaj Junior of Fly Fishing Nation

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