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Tanzania’s Majestic Rivers | The Feathers Award | Territorial pissings | Dombaj’s Top 10 | Stu Webb | Terry Babich | Beers, beats and more

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New year, new you…right? Or… the same old same old for another 365 days? Invoking the spirit of The Hardy Boys, Willard Price, Ton-Fokken-Tin & Andy Coetzee, issue 37 was put together with adventure in mind. It’s got snakes, hippos, karaoke, whippings, beach pigs, travel and fishing advice, wisdom, warnings and all the fish you can handle.
We kick off with editor Tudor ‘Turdo’ Caradoc-Davies in Tanzania as he seeks out that country’s fabled tigerfish, plus crazy-looking yellowfish and a modicum of closure. Then there’s the world through the eyes of Stephan Gian Dombaj Junior of Fly Fishing Nation as he takes us through his top 10 destinations. Whether it’s being whipped gently in a sauna on an Atlantic salmon trip, experiencing the piscatorial and culinary delights of the Amazon, busting out bad karaoke in Korea or gorging himself on the backyard browns of Germany, Dombaj has fished and travelled far and wide. Then we’ve got some cracking results from The Feathers Awards, a High Fives with guide Stuart Webb (currently bouncing between Oman and the Seychelles), a Lifer with Vaalie catfish and barbel molester Terence James Babich, The Fast & The Furious Orange River Drift with yellowfish noob Nicholas Ciaran Symes, Territorial Pissings with the Garden Route’s LeRoy Botha, Rainbow Runners on the flats for a Wish List Fish, a ‘What’s In My Bag’ with Keith Clover of African Waters, a new fly fishing, trail-running, beer-drinking triathlon in Lesotho that you need to enter, a cracking book from Matt Harris, tons of new clobber, beers, beats, whisky and more.
Read The Mission Fly Mag Issue 37 online for free or get your print copy here.
COVER 🎨 Simon Berndt of One Horse Town

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