Proposal for catch and release of dusky kob in the Breede River estuary

Proposal for catch and release of dusky kob in the Breede River estuary

All anglers concerned with the future of the Breede river system, and especially the Breede river estuary, should pay attention to a notice posted in the Government Gazette.
Anton Bredell, Minister for Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning in the Western Cape, have given notice of the submission of the Breede River Estuarine Management Plan (EMP) to the National Minister of Environmental Affairs for final approval. You can read the proposal here:

Breede EMP

It is a lengthy document, and I suggest you take a look at it; it proposes among other things, a thorough plan for restoration and rehabilitation.

But for me, the most important proposal is to establish the Breede river estuary as a catch and release zone for dusky kob. Concerned individuals are invited to submit to the Minister their comments or inputs.

I implore every angler that cares about the future of the Breede River to submit a letter to the minister supporting the management system and in particular to call for the catch and release of dusky kob in the Breede River. I am also asking you to please call for the daily catch limit of 5 spotted grunter per person per day, to be reduced to 2 spotted grunter per person per day.

This is your chance to make a difference. You can submit your letter to both the following email addresses:
 Submitions closes on the 19th of August 2016

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  1. This is the letter that I sent:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I hereby wish to give my full support of Anton Bredell’s proposal for the Breede River Estuarine Management Plan.

    As an avid angler and frequent visitor to the Breede River Estuary, I wish to stongly implore the minister to instate the Breede River Estuary as a catch and release zone of dusky kob (argyrosomus japonicus).

    I would further like to suggest that the catch limit of five spotted grunter per angler per day, be reduced to two spotted grunter per angler per day.

    I know I speak for many when I say that I am horrified by the continuing slaughter of adult dusky kob in the Breede River. Because the estuary is an epicenter for this species, what was once a refuge for the breeding stock and juveniles alike, has now become a death trap.

    I also realize that many anglers will oppose this catch restriction, but these are utterly selfish individuals with no regards whatsoever for the future of the Breede River Estuary or the legacy (or lack thereof) wich they will leave behind.

    With kind regards
    Conrad Botes
    Cape Town

  2. The letter below was sent by Ed Truter

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    With respect to the proposed Breede River Estuarine Management Plan I would like to add my public comment that the proposal to establish the Breede River Estuary as a 100% catch and release zone for dusky kob (Argyrosomus japonicus) is forward thinking and extremely necessary. In my view based on 40 years in the sportfishing world, this move can only have positive impacts all-round. The dusky kob, and in particular the large breeding adults, are in very dire need of protection within their entire range. And from a local tourism-economy point of view, the more fish there are to be caught, the more people will visit the area even though they will have to release 100% of their kob catch.

    Should the above proposal be accepted, it will hopefully set a precedent for other species and estuaries. For example, the leervis (Lichia amia) stock appears to be in an even more dire state than the dusky kob and proposing the same ruling for the Breede for leervis would be equally beneficial to the national conservation of the species and to the local tourism economy.

    Bag limits for all our estuarine species should be adjusted including the bag limit for spotted grunter (Pomadasys commersonnii) being reduced to one per person per day with a maximum size limit of 60cm/3kg per individual fish to protect the large breeding individuals who possess proven genetics and produce exponentially more eggs.

    Your’s sincerely,

    Edward Truter

  3. Dear Mr Botes

    I hereby acknowledge receipt of your comments and concerns on the Breede River Estuary Management Plan (EMP).
    We appreciate your efforts and wish to thank you for your input.
    We endeavour to take your concerns into account in the finalisation of the EMP.
    Should you have further comment or wish to clarify aspects of your earlier correspondence please do not hesitate to contact us.


    Mogamat Zain Jumat

    Chief Directorate: Environmental Sustainability

    Directorate: Biodiversity and Coastal Management

    Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning

    Western Cape Government

  4. The dusky kob at Breede, Gourtiz, Duiwenhoks and all EC functional river systems actually have a predictable pattern of going out to sea. There are currently linefish permits where commercial fishing is legally fishing these very same fish without restriction or any form of Total Allowable Catch Limit emposed. I would strongly urge all and everyone to comment on this and for the legislature to make this a no catch species for commercial fishing else all these attempts will end up just being caught out at sea where the bag limit for recreationals too is 5 per person. Given the state of dusky kob i would say this is irresponsible and undesired.

  5. I agree with this wholeheartedly. Perhaps an idea to start a petition calling for dusky kob to become a no-catch species.

  6. Hi Conrad,
    I would like to support your appeal for the reduction in the catch limit on grunter and the no kill on dusky kob. Will do this on FOSAF FM and website. Can you send me some relevant pics and about half page write up with relevant links

  7. Definitely! and thank you for raising awareness. To me first steps should be:
    * – No commercial harvesting of dusky kob. Any caught should be released.
    * – Recreational limits for out at sea should be zero or 1 per person and same on any river system.

    Just bear in mind that currently there are commercials that have permits exploiting the dusky kob of the Breede and elsewhere. I appeal to all of you to object and appeal this. It is dire straits for the dusky kob population and without commercial fishing for them seizing i fear fait accompli.


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