Rediscovering a Treasure

Rediscovering a Treasure

The great drought of 2015/16 is over and the countryside is looking as good as ever. Things that looked dead 14 months ago, have sprung to life with a new found vigor. Spring is passed and summer is here. It was a remarkably warm winter, which has been followed by a remarkably cold spring with rain and snow in both October and November. December has not been much warmer either.

The trout in some of my favourite local streams were seemingly wiped out in the drought and so I have fished very little over the last year or so. With a young family fishing time has been limited, but it’s been no less rewarding and fun teaching Ollie about the joys of the outdoors.

Yesterday Jen and I took a few mates on a hike to one of our favourite places. It’s difficult to get to and it’s well off the beaten track from a hiking perspective. It also used to be one of my favourite brown trout streams, but in my previous two visits earlier in the year I hadn’t even seen a fish. I had wrongly assumed that they had died out in the drought.

The discovery that the fish were still there was almost as exciting as discovering them in the first place! What was even more encouraging was that I caught one young fish and lost another young fish. The age of those fish means they were likely born a year and a half ago, at the height of the drought.

Maybe I need to revisit a few other streams that I thought had suffered a complete wipe out? Mother nature never ceases to amaze me.

Olli was adamant that he wanted to walk by himself. Daddy in front, and mommy behind. Off on a picnic, with my fly rod of course.
After a long slog up a steep hill, you get on to pristine plateau with numerous little streams cascading down into the forests below.
These hills are full of hidden valleys and gorges. I have spent many days exploring up here, but I’ve barely scratched the surface.
Olli playing boats in the stream
Children are actually very easy to entertain. Just introduce them to the joys of nature and the rest is easy
Not a bad place to throw a fly.
Sneaking up to get closer to a cruising brown.
A good brownie that fell for my spider pattern
Chaos. Trying to land a fish without falling into the ice cold pool, and with Guppy the sausage dog making a complete nuisance of himself.
Guppy getting involved
A young healthy brownie that made my heart sing!
Almost a perfect pose
It’s hard not to be in such high spirits when in such a spectacular place.
A happy family in our happy place.

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  1. Five paragraphs and not a peep about which place you are talking about! USA, Canada, South Africa, Natal, Transkei, eastern Cape?

  2. It’s too beautiful to tell;-) It’s in a forestry reserve in Southern KZN. The Ngele mountains to be more precise


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