Ryan Weaver’s River Bag

Ryan Weaver’s River Bag

Ryan is a fish farmer and family man. He, like Rex, seems to keep it simple and makes me feel like I have too much stuff! Oh well! So, as Ryan says, in his pack at the moment is a mad two-year-old with an opinion on everything… (I reckon that only going to worse as she gets older!) haha!

Boots, bag and an opinionated toddler.
Boots, bag and an opinionated toddler.

Once in Lesotho:

Farmers and simplicity – there’s a theme here somewhere!

Rod: Stealth Deep Red 8’8” 3wt
Reel: Silvercreek 2-4 wt
Line: Rio #3 Pocket Water DT
Fly boxes: Three boxes. One for dries, one for nymphs and one for the randoms that don’t yet have a home.
Leader/Tippet: Spools of 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 7x, 8x. If the fish are looking and not taking its more often the tippet at fault than the fly.
Pack: Moon-bag / Fanny-pack… there just isn’t a manly name for it, but it keeps all my essentials on the river leaving my upper body free and flexible. (You could probably get away with Bum-Bag! – Fred)

Other: Leatherman Charge TTi – essential!
Gink Fly Floatant
Strike Indicator Putty
Amadou mushroom leather for reviving dry flies especially cdc.

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