Gabriel Botha’s new film Sette Cama features Gabon’s premier fly fishing destination camp run by African Waters. This close to untouched, wild fishery is home to a spread of gamefish including tarpon, cubera snapper, Giant African threadfin, long fin jacks and more. These predators smash baitfish and baitfish imitations alike. Guides Teddy Coulter, Mike Dames and Oliver Santoro talk through the fishery (based on Africa’s second largest lagoon), the jungle and the action. Watch the full film below and read an excerpt from our filmmaker interview with Gabriel.

The Mission (TM): How long did you spend in Gabon making Sette Cama? 

Gabriel Botha (GB): About two and a half weeks – one week with a fly fishing group, one week with a conventional fishing group, and a few extra days spent searching the jungle for gorillas and other animals.  

TM: How did your expectations of Sette Cama differ from what you found? 

GB: In the weeks leading up to my departure I allowed my expectations to fly high. Having had more than a few fishing trips under my belt you’d think I’ve learned to control my imagination but, as I was sitting on the plane blindly watching the flight attendant give the safety briefing, all I could think about was massive fish and epic shots. Luckily for me, this trip turned out to be one of those rare times when even my expectations failed to match what I was about to witness. I found a piece of the planet that has somehow managed to continue to flourish despite the natural world shrinking around it. 

TM: What were you shooting on/with? 

GB: I was shooting stills and video by myself, so I went with a Sony hybrid – the A7 IV with an a6500 as a backup/time-lapse camera, a DJI Mavic Mini 2 drone, and a GoPro. Plus a couple of different lenses, gimbals, monitors, etc. The key was being versatile and light. I had to walk 20km through thick, humid jungle with all my gear in search of gorillas. I wouldn’t have been able to do that with heavier kit. 

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