Share the Love

Share the Love

Mark Taylor and Jeff Tyseer got hold of me awhile back about a Permit mission they doing to Oman’s southern beaches. I imparted what I knew and got very jealous around the time of their departure. Below is an email and photos I recieved post trip from Jeff and clearly explains why we do the DIY thing…

Good morning, Fred. I hope you’re lekker.

No doubt Mark will be in touch (possibly already has been) but I just wanted to thank you personally once again for the info and advice you shared with us prior to departing for Oman. You’re a good man and I honestly hope I get the chance to thank you in person one day. On that note, would you mind sharing Pete and Ray’s e-mail addresses, too? I would love to drop them both a mail to thank them for being so generous in sharing their hard-earned knowledge online, and for all the words, pictures and inspiration which have been impossible to dislodge from my mind, ever since I accidentally stumbled across one of Pete’s Oman posts a couple years back. That was also my introduction to Feathers, which I now visit at least three times daily, in the hope of fresh content – haha!

We have just returned from what was hands down the best fishing experience of my life. I got my DIY Perm – 2 in fact! And to top it off I had the privilege of witnessing one of my good mates do the same, after following a fish 300 meters down teh beach and having at least 15 shots at it – magic!. It was touch and go for most of the trip, with lots of green water, rough seas, shit tides and plenty of walking in 38 degree heat without even seeing a fish. But with a day and a half to go the stars aligned.

I am always at my happiest while fishing, but I have never experienced the unbridled euphoria that those fish triggered in me. I must have read hundreds of articles about Permit, ogled thousands of photographs and videos, dreamed and wished that one day I might have my chance. For it all to come together – on a remote beach in one of the most harshly beautiful places I have ever stood – was an intensely spiritual experience. The cherry on top was that I was all alone for the first one. As I jumped around and air-punched and whooped like a 12 year old girl at a Bieber concert (and maybe even shed a little tear), I felt like the only person on the planet. It’s hard to explain to people how much those fish meant to me, and in fact I haven’t really even bothered with most of my friends and family, but I know you get it (so excuse the offloading here – I’m still a bit emotional about the whole thing!).

If I’m honest, just the sight of those magnificent golden sickles waving about in the shorebreak would probably have been be enough to get me back. But managing to land a couple has sealed my fate! It’s the best kind of drug, and I am already scheming about a way to get back for my next fix, to explore new beaches and make new memories.

Again, I can’t thank you enough for all the inspiration and advice (yellow epoxy crab for the win!!).

Take care and tight lines,














3 thoughts on “Share the Love”

  1. Is hard to put in words what Jeff is describing, but he comes about as close to as I’ve ever read. Congrats to both of you, Jeff me Mark on well eaned and delved permit. Welcome to the club!
    Hope we meet up on beach soon.

    “So, all of you africans, all of you africans that wanna do things thats workin’ for other people, Ya’ll need to save your money, quit payin’ muthafuckers with jheri curls
    Quit payin’ muthafuckers with perms.
    Save your money…”

    The intro to Lil’ Ghetto Boy from the album, The Chronic.

  2. Epitome (e·pit·o·me)
    Noun: ‘a person or thing that is a perfect example of a particular quality or type’
    Maximum respect – to Ray, Fred and Peter for sharing their knowledge and, to Jeff and Mark for pulling it off

  3. This is bloody fuck awesome…. respect to all you legends..
    Mark and Jeff – high 5 lads… high fucking 5..

    Ray, Pete and Fred – You boys are good eggs…


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