Smiths Optics SA Update

Smiths Optics SA Update

In a follow up to my review of the Smith’s ChromaPop Sunglasses, where I mentioned that I was waiting on Stealth SA, the Smiths dealer in South Africa to get back me, I’m pleased to say that they have not disappointed with their after sales service.

Gareth Adams and Dan Factor were great in following up on the problem. Once they realised they were short of stock for the Dolan’s in ChromaPops, they upgraded my lenses to the glass PhotoChromics.

Dispatched today…

All I can say is that I’m damned impressed with the service and look forward to any future dealings with the gentlemen from Stealth Fly Fishing.

Give me a month or two and I’ll have a review up of what I’ve heard dubbed the ‘best lenses available’!


5 thoughts on “Smiths Optics SA Update”

  1. I have both the Chromaprops and the Polarchroimics. Both are excellent. I initially though that the polarchromic is a better flats lens, since it is more yellow and has better contrast, but now I am not so sure.

  2. Very Nice Fred. I have just received my multi focus Chromapop Smiths sunglasses which I’m dying to try out. Now I’ll be able to see smaller flies and fish at a distance and tying on a size 18 or smaller fly without having to put on readers or flipping down magnifiers clipped to my cap. Makes me feel younger!

  3. Pla I’ll miss giggling at you and your flip down specs on the streams now mate!!! 🙂

    Stoked to hear about the great service from the Smith/Stealth team Fred, and looking foreword to maybe giving these Smiths a try… I’m a bit of a slut when it comes to high quality fishing glasses, and always swear I’ll never leave my current brand till I find a new one that impresses me even more and start all over again… been through Maui Jims, Costas and now fishing Kaenon’s… all are absolutely superb, but limited availability options here in SA, and the back up service on some of them is just more time consuming than its worth…. so would be great to check out these Smiths…

  4. I read about these amazing sun glasses afew months back and after non stop talking about them the girlfriend decided she would buy me a pair for Christmas. Wearing glasses full time I was extremely excited to hear that I could finally see the hook eye and be able to spot fish with a pair of sunglasses in one. So off the girlfriend went to our local fly shop who stocks smith optics to order me a pair only to receive an e-mail a couple weeks later saying they cannot do my prescription in the glasses because the lenses are too thick to fit in the frame. Disappointed sure but hopeful one day I’ll find a pair of sunglasses that I’ll be able to see and spot grunter tailing…


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