I recently bought some of Ufudu’s dumbbells and decided to get good variety with and without the lifelike eyes welded onto the sides. I obviously started tying flies with the ‘pretty’ ones first and soon ran out of the dumbbells with welded eyes. Just as well as I recently also received some Solarez UV resin from Flyzinc to play with and decided to try create my own lifelike eyes.

It turned out to be surprisingly easy and I could also ‘create’ dumbbells with any colour holographic or lifelike eye I wanted to use. It may be a bit of a mission to make up hundreds of dumbbells like this, but it’s a great backup and alternative for when you suddenly want to tie in dumbbells with red, gold, or orange life-like eyes (and not the standard silver eyes). The Solarez product is also very effective, sets quickly under UV light and leaves minimal stickiness behind and to be honest I believe that my Solarez lifelike eyes looked slightly better than the commercial ‘welded’ eyes. Here is how I went about it:

I tied this copy of Ewan’s Ginger Ninja pattern using classic, flat Ufudu dumbbells with no defined eyes painted, printed or glued onto them. Ewan’s fly had golden lifelike eyes and I wanted to copy them…
I selected a plain yellow permanent marker to create the ‘golden’ effect on the silver dumbbell…
The yellow marker left a lovely, bright golden sheen on the silver surface.
I then added a pupil to the eye with a fine tip black marker and let it dry for a few minutes.
I then covered the flat surface of the dumbbell with a large drop of Solarez flexible resin and used a UV torch to set the eye.
Solarez for the win, it left me staring at my fly with hungry eyes!
Spot the difference! Ufudu eyes on the left and Solarez on the right. I’m sold.

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  1. Lekker Leonard,

    If the surface is smooth, it helps to lightly rough up the surface of the dumbbell with some sandpaper to prevent one eyed wonders….


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