Some Cape Mountain Fun

Some Cape Mountain Fun

I spent last weekend with Ryan and Jen. A little Sunday roast to celebrate the impending changes in their family’s life and my own. We’re all off to new places and shared the excitement over some good wine and Jen’s exceptional cooking…

And of course, while the ladies ate cheese under the trees, Ryan and I tormented the trout in the crystal, stream fed ponds in the valley…

fisantkraal_rainbow_trout-001 fisantkraal_rainbow_trout-002 fisantkraal_rainbow_trout-003 fisantkraal_rainbow_trout-005 fisantkraal_rainbow_trout-006 fisantkraal_rainbow_trout-007 fisantkraal_rainbow_trout-008 fisantkraal_rainbow_trout-009 fisantkraal_rainbow_trout-010 fisantkraal_rainbow_trout-011 fisantkraal_rainbow_trout-012 fisantkraal_rainbow_trout-013 fisantkraal_rainbow_trout-014 fisantkraal_rainbow_trout-015 fisantkraal_rainbow_trout-016 fisantkraal_rainbow_trout-017 fisantkraal_rainbow_trout-018 fisantkraal_rainbow_trout-019 fisantkraal_rainbow_trout-020 fisantkraal_rainbow_trout-021 fisantkraal_rainbow_trout-022 fisantkraal_rainbow_trout-023

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