South African flyfishing exhibition with Catskill

South African flyfishing exhibition with Catskill

I received this news and request from Durbanite friend Peter Brigg and thought it may be of interest to others; in Peter’s words:

Fellow flyfishers,

I have some exciting news this morning for flyfishers and flyfishing in South Africa in general. It may not affect you personally, but I wanted to spread the news so that ultimately participation is as wide as possible.

It’s a long story so I’ll try and make it brief. A short while ago I was in communication with Joan Wulff who by chance mentioned our discussion to Jim Krul, Executive Director of the Catskill Fly Fishing Centre and Museum (CFFCM – He subsequently approached me and asked whether or not there was the possibility of mounting a South African flyfishing exhibition in their international section early in 2015. I immediately bounced the idea off a number of others as well as FOSAF. The responses have been positive and of excitement at the opportunity of showcasing what is on offer in our country.

The exhibition will encompass all aspects of flyfishing not just trout, and will be set up using allocated wall space for visual elements like maps and photographs and glass cabinets for books, flies and more valuable items. There will also be folders similar to lever arch files where specific information supplied by for example, flyfishing guides, rod builders, clubs, retail outlets and accommodation establishments, will be displayed. Each folder will be for a specific category of service such as guiding services, clubs or craftsmen.

Jim asked that a central point be established where all material be collected and in due course sent to CFFCM probably during January 2015. To this end Sheena Carnie and Dave Rorke at the Flyfishing magazine have offered to take on this task.

As a draft outline, my initial thoughts are –

  1. Draw up a wall map of SA showing the main flyfishing regions (Level of detail to be determined). This will be the focal point for the wall display and supported in a folder with a short history of flyfishing in SA, details of each specific region shown on the map and something about each target species. (An approach will be made to individuals who can assist with this information)
  2. As many as possible, guides, shops, clubs, craftsmen, organizations (FOSAF, SAFFA, community projects) will be approached to submit a brief written profile and outline of their service with a couple of supporting photographs. Because of display limitations individual submission will have to be restricted and to create a consistent professional look throughout things like number of words, fonts, headings and layout will be advised later.
  3. A display of South African flies. (Fly tyers will be approached separately)
  4. Authors, artists, craftsmen, photographers will be approached individually about possibly donating items for display or good quality photographs of their work.

This is a teaser at this stage and a draft foundation in preparation for mounting an exhibition. It is a dynamic process and any ideas and comments will be welcome.

An article will appear in the next edition of Flyfishing setting out the final plan and procedure for collecting the material for the exhibition. I personally see this as a wonderful opportunity and one that should be pursued.

All the best – catch up with you later.

Peter Brigg.

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