Steffans Sudan Turneffe

Steffans Sudan Turneffe

Steffan had been to Sudan multiple times when I met him there.  His Triggerfish fly box was a shock to me -one fly.  Various weights and sizes, but a single pattern.  Turneffe crabs.  Everywhere.  He remarked “this is the only fly for triggers”,  Stu piped up with, “yup, if they don’t eat it, its just the wrong fish”.

Ive had a lot of success on Turneffe Crabs.  My earliest break throughs crab fishing for Grunter were on little brown versions and the few I had in Southern Oman got taken home with the first few Parrots I hooked.

I had a few in Sudan but next to Steffans, they just looked off.  The proportions on his seemed to just work.  I made off with one and have been using it as a reference point since.  Here is my cheat sheet:

Note the 4 rubber legs stay connected in the middle

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