In this step-by-step video Andre van Wyk, frequent cover star of The Mission (see issue 16’s goldfish pond, issue 29’s full frontal nudity bucktail orgy and issue 38’s flats bomb) , ties a “Beast” fleye. It’s a baitfish/squid imitation invented by  Bob Popovics, using his hollow fleye technique on a mono extension to create both length and profile for imitating extra large prey items. This technique is not exclusive for tying giant flies, and the mono extension has many applications in helping tyers get a little extra length out of even non primo bucktail, which is becoming increasingly more difficult to find worldwide. The hollow fleye technique allows for the bucktail to swim with a lot of movement, and very little weight. The Beast is mainly used for targeting large saltwater species, but has applications across both fresh and saltwater.

These are the materials used to tie the Beast:

100lb Mono or 60lb Hard Flouro leader

Hook: Ahrex SA270 #5/0

Thread: Semperfli Nano silk 50D 

Hackle: Ewing White Hackle

Bucktail: White, Sand, Green Bucktail

Flash: Sybai saltwater angel hair

For more on Andre, check out his author profile, read his Bucknuts feature on bucktail obsessives or visit the links below.

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  1. Dre,

    Great video. Love that you were willing to share some of the small tricks that make these work. You advanced my own tying by years.


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