Stream of Dreams – Sex Camp for Trout..

Stream of Dreams – Sex Camp for Trout..

Stream of Dreams silver slab… hope she’s getting laid right now…

This cold and rainy winter weather has most of us down here in the Cape thankful that our beloved streams are getting some much needed water in them after an abysmal last 18 months..but it does mean, that we are not getting out on the water chasing clear water small stream trout… well the season is closed anyway, so our beloved little troots can happily fuck their brains out in the tumultuous raging torrents, hopefully making lots more little troots for us to terrorise in September and the opening of the seasons again..

This current #fishingphotochallenge sweeping us internet anglers on Facebook into a frenzy had me digging around for some pics from previous trips, and todays image was from an absolutely magical trip up one of the most beautiful watercourses I’ve had the privilege of enjoying… a true Stream of Dreams.. Platon and I were lucky enough to spend 2 nights and 3 fishing days up this valley in 2014, and between us shot a bit of video footage on a mix of our point and shoots, Go Pro and Pla’s 5D which Pla then edited into this wonderful little piece… I watched it again today, and enjoyed it so much I thought I’d share again here…

Lets hope the fish on the Stream of Dreams are humping themselves through the cold nights and the fishing next season benefits from their piscatorial horizontal gymnastics…

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