Sudan Recap – Rodeo Clowns and the Fluoro Fear

Sudan Recap – Rodeo Clowns and the Fluoro Fear

The whatsapp came from Ed “the head” Truter.

“NO FLUORO.  If it glows under a UV lamp it will spook Sudanese Trigger”.
“Orange yes, FLUORO no.”

Well thats a first.  Of course I had to test Eds theory.  I didn’t leave it there either.  Peter Mcloed sent a pic of some fly boxes.  On probing about the fleeing crabs he added “they either annihilated them or spooked on sight.”

Peter Mcloeds crabs.


I had to test this.  Especially because some of my most beautiful shrimp flies had fluoro bead chain and peach thread that most definitely did glow.

Confirmation was disgusting.  You would swear these fish saw a ghost on sight of the fly.  Even the most subtle hint of fluoro got this reaction.  I told myself it was in my head, but I had a final fly to test.  A little crab MC has been testing.  My version had a tuft of fur between the eyes that glowed under UV and nothing else.  With it in I had fish look, and then shit themselves.   I pulled it out and then I got eats.

I dont know why this is, and I’ve never seen such a polarising reaction to a fly element in any ocean, by any specie, but hey, you were right Ed.

Trigger says no.
They especially hated these two flies.


they also hated this. a lot.

5 thoughts on “Sudan Recap – Rodeo Clowns and the Fluoro Fear”

  1. Edward Truter accidently stumbled apon that theory when wading on a Sudanese flat in his flouro speedo. He spooked everything in sight, including the crew of the Scuba Libre.

  2. This is interesting. CXI triggers loved fl. orange, except now they’re getting hit on the head every week so they’re beginning to hate all flies

  3. Ja, it is an extremely confusing thing, it would seem there are areas where triggerfish don’t spook at the sight of flourescent colours and are even attracted to them, especially flouro orange. But, what I figure is that in a typical daytime, tropical flats fishing environment (i.e. sun shining on shallow, clear water), the underwater visibility is good to excellent and the fishes being fished for all have good to incredible eyesight, so apart from flouro colours being any kind of potential trigger, is there any real need for said colours?


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