Summer is arriving

Summer is arriving

Last Sunday I spent a very pleasing morning on beat 2 of The Smalblaar River. Although the trout didn’t start slow, we did.

My partner for the day, Justin Fletcher, had not fished a Cape stream before. I’d also not ever fished with him. It is always pleasing to watch someone’s first cast and realise you’re not going to have to babysit for the day. Justin caught several beautiful Rainbows on the dry fly and was very chuffed with popping his Cape Stream cherry. Welcome to club bud!

fly fishing for trout in the western cape
Downstream views.
All smiles and high fives :)
All smiles and high fives 🙂

As mentioned, we started slow. I dropped seven fish before I finally brought one to hand. I don’t know why! I didn’t have Justin’s excuse of spending Saturday at Pinotage on Tap.

Anyway, the arrival of summer was clearly announced by the gusting wind. The recent rains also had the river in a relatively high condition which kept the challenge up!

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  1. Your photos are very cool! fly fishing for trout in South Africa must be pretty sweet! While the summer is starting for you guys, the winter is coming fast on us!


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