With Peter’s recent post on how much he hates me and the BEAST Fleyes I’ve been obsessively tying over the last 18 months, I thought maybe its worth putting together a little video clip of just why these flies create the obsession in so many of us as soon as you start tying them…

Not only is tying them incredidbly frustrating/time consuming/addictive (read all about that here) but once you get the hang of them, they are insanely satisfying too..
And while they look amazing in hand, and in a box, their true magic shines through when they get to do what all flies are created to do… go swimming..have a look at these two recent ties swimming in my fishpond with Chad the Goldfish..

Big shout out to the man Bob Popovic for inventing this incredible pattern, and for sharing it with the world..I don’t know of any other pattern which offers you the ability to create such massive flies, with enormous bulk and presence in the water, incredible action,endless variations and still realistically be a castable fly..

A couple pics below of the Fleyes in the Video.. which give you an idea of the size too. As a note these BEASTS are tied the “traditional” way.. with a single Fluoro extension rather than on shanks with any articulation:

Turquiose Terror - With 8 Ostrich plumes tied into the tail for shimmy..

Turqoiuse Terror

Grey Ghost Version - This one with 8 fine white hackles tied in to the tail section.

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