A golden freshwater tarpon that schools together, works itself into a feeding frenzy and smashes poppers!?! Yes please. Beto Mejia from Fish Colombia opened the can on the mysterious sardinata in issue 13. http://issuu.com/themissionflymagazine/docs/the_mission_fly_fishing_magazine_is_6d7672d9e20d2f/12?e=27338987/67150664

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The Vampire’s Cauldron – Uraima Falls, Venezuela

By Gordon Richmond Venezuela normally conjures mental images of tropical shores, sight fishing for bonefish while sipping tequila on a pancake flat, but that is all about to change. Adventurous fisherman are always looking for new destinations that push the boundaries of fly fishing and we, the Aardvark Mcleod team, have been working on an [...]

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