In this excerpt from our issue 31 Undercurrents, LeRoy Botha looks to fly fishing for a breath in the space between life and death.   “No tree can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell.” – Carl Jung My internal monologue is splitting into a conversation between the opposing poles of my [...]


So it's no secret that Clanwilliam yellowfish were stocked into the Berg River back in the day (from 1964). I've been trying hard to find remnants of these stockings, but even though I've hiked and fished most of the Berg River main stem and tributaries over the past thirty years, I've had no luck.   [...]


I've been so focused on ticking off a 2020 fly fishing bucket list - trying to fit in special fishing trips in the limited free time I had, rather than squeezing in the regular stuff - that I somehow forgot about the fisheries on my doorstep. For instance, the thoughts of chasing after big Clanwilliam [...]


Lockdown - I'm tired of hearing it and avoid the subject these days. But during the lockdown, my fly tying station was my psychologist. Years ago my tying desk was in something close to a cellar, the living space was two floors up. My wonderful wife, Belle, wouldn't have any of this so she bought [...]


A story of two smallmouths and water under the Gouritz River bridge by LeRoy Botha in issue 19 of The Mission "14 November 2012. It’s incredibly hot and the wind is shunting. I’ve come prepared for a day or three’s fishing: food, tent, beer, gear. The Upper Gouritz River at this point is a wide, [...]


Our issue 16 Troubled Waters. Whether it’s trout, carp or saltwater species you are in to, one of the Western Cape’s great rivers is struggling like never before. The Waters We love the Berg. It’s one of our closest rivers and it has a storied history in the annals of Western Cape fly fishing. Primarily [...]


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