Ninja flats monk, Milan Germishuizen, on his church the fabled St Brandon’s archipelago north east of Mauritius, gang warfare with bull sharks, the Springbok inside centre position and solid advice from William Shatner. 5 best things about where you guide? A flat called Julies on St. Brandon’s on the Neap Push. You will lose track [...]

Quick Knots and Hook Ups!

In a follow up to the first knot post, here's a short video that demonstrates the importance of being able to tie a knot quickly and easily. The scenario was that I had found myself faced with a shoal of angry GTs and after presenting and getting a solid hookup, I got pulled over a [...]


"In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." I doubt Ben Franklin would have ever thought his depressingly true quote could ever be applied to fishing. But like that yearly income statement there are few things that hurt like a good fish getting eaten while on the line. Bluefin [...]