African Waters' location scout, Ed Truter, reveals the origin of his pattern, the Balbyter (Ball-biter), perhaps the most lethal fly on Lesotho’s incredible Bokong river. "I was beside a rocky run, crouching over a slab of basalt on Lesotho’s Bokong River, trying to keep out of sight of the stream of fish jostling past me [...]


From world champion caster, to building iconic fly lodges, rod building at G.Loomis and building his own brand in Echo Fly Fishing – if a life of variety, self-determination and hard-earned respect is worth coveting – Tim Rajeff is killing it. “If I could be any bird in the world, I’d be that one you [...]


IT'S ALL VERY WELL HAVING A SPECIAL VALLEY AND BIG FISH (browns, rainbows and yellows), but without community and sustainability there’s no point. Off the back of our Issue 4 story (The Legend of F#@k You Valley), we chatted to Tourette Fishing’s Rob Scott, Keith Clover and Ed Truter about the Bokong River and their [...]


I would describe my first trip to the Lesotho highlands as satisfying. The fishing was slow due to a huge thunderstorm, which capped the mountain tops in snow and chilled the Bokong River on the day of my arrival. Although the fishing was no walk in the park (the previous trip can be viewed at:, the yellowfish were [...]

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