When we announced the Feathers Award in December 2020, we knew it would attract some very special entries. This was not only because for this inaugural competition we allowed for entries from any time in the past 24 months, but also because in our experience fly anglers in Africa are, for the most part, hard-charging [...]


From his home in Kenya, to Nigeria, the Central African Republic and everywhere in between, Ed Ghaui of Goliath Expeditions seems to live a life straight out of a Willard Price adventure book. In between scouting remote rivers and setting up camps in some of the most logistically challenging destinations on the planet, he took [...]


"You can see the glow from the bridge when the fish is at 30 feet. You can see the tips of the fins, the outline of the bill, the entire thing in perfect fluorescence. It's a sight to behold." Garry Cullen and Jeremy Block weigh in on what it's like to fly fish for broadbill [...]


Time, distance and gridlocked traffic were never going to stop Peter Coetzee from interviewing Kenyan Jeremy Block, when the opportunity arose. The first person to catch a broadbill swordfish on fly (as well as a multiple world record holder), this story is as much about Block’s exploits as it is the story of Coetzee’s dedication [...]

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