...ABOUT WHERE YOU GUIDE? Simon Hunter Bunn of Hunter Fly Fishing, our High 5s guide in issue 14, lifts the skirt on the rivers he regards as his home waters. 1. Quality waters - everything else is just a bonus. Where I work in Slovenia, the crystal clear water of the Soča River is absolutely [...]


One half of film crew Scholars & Gentlemen (who shot our Trevor Sithole video in issue 2), Greg Lomas is always on the cutting edge of what’s cool. Hipsters want to be him, but by the time they catch up, he’s moved on. He came up with our issue 13 playlist while lying in bed [...]

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A day up Shit Creek

Intellectual capital - only those who know are allowed to go... “Nobody owns the ocean. But you own the intellectual capital you have earned with your blood and sweat over the years” - David Mangum, from the film, ‘120 Days.’ Now Mangum is one badass mofo. He is the Florida tarpon guide by which all [...]

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  FOR Mike “Kid” Riemer, the marketing manager at Salsa Cycles, bikes are a predictable passion, but so is fly fishing the lakes and rivers of Minnesota. Bringing the two together was the next step and pimping the brand’s fabled Blackborow fat bike build was the way to do it. Mike’s goal was simple: his [...]

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The ‘natural’ look

I’m writing this post because 1) it links up with two previous posts (which is also relevant while celebrating South African Fishing Flies); 2) I seem to forget about flies over five year periods (believe it or not) and would like to keep track of them on this database, and 3) it is part of [...]


Matt Gorlei and Nick van Rensburg are the two charnas behind Flybru (the fishing/filming student crew out of Stellenbosch University and the gents behind our cover shoot video). They were both at Stellies last year, until wonder of wonders Matt passed his exams and buggered off to South America to guide on the Rio Grande [...]

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While fishing the beautiful Elandshoek River, I discovered, for myself, a method of small stream dry fly fishing that I will certainly be using the next time I'm out and the going gets tough.

Mountain Meditation

Unfortunately this is becoming a regular theme. Rex goes off fishing in some beautiful stream, blanks yet again, gets mocked by his wife and writes a story on where not to fish. You must be thinking that I'm a pretty hopeless fisherman. If you are, well you not alone, my wife chirps me non-stop. I'm [...]

1984 Trout from the Kloofs

Recently Douglas Kretzman shared this post on his blog, No Longer At Ease. Hard to imagine it was 30 years ago! 1984 Trout From the Kloofs Words by Douglas Kretzman I was reminded of this set of photos by a post on Feathers and Fluoro - happy to see the stream is as yet unspoiled. [...]

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A Small Stream Slam

  The scene of a 'little' Grand Slam. Three of kind for an area. In the Seychelles we had an Inner Island Flats Slam - we replaced the GT with a Golden Trevally. And of course the Indian Ocean Grand Slam replaced the Tarpon with a GT and the Atlantic Permit with a [...]