What to do if you (or one of your fishing buddies) gets bitten by a snake... The black mamba is pretty high up my shit-your-pants list. Right up there with a croc, bull shark and a grumpy dickhead of an old, lone, buffalo bull. This is only very loosely based on zoological fact, you understand. [...]


Two off-duty Orange River fly fishing guides, Matt Gorlei and Luke Pannell, return to Cape Town for some off-season down-time. What does a guide do when they are not guiding? Spam Instagram with species they, “Can’t stop thinking about…”? Fall into the loving embrace of their significant others? Have a shave, a hot shower, a non-longdrop shit and put on a nice shirt? Hit a club and tear the ring out of it? Nyet. They make a quick plan to head deep into the nearby mountains for a short, two-night session spent hunting fabled brown trout.


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